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New Jersey Chess Team

New Jersey Chess Team

Location: New Jersey
Fondato: 7 gen 2009
Membri: 419
This is a group for all those on chess.com who currently live in or are former residents of New Jersey. We compete against other teams in team matches and vote chess games. Currently, we are competing in season 4 of the US Chess League, a team match competition between the states. For three straight years we have advanced to the finals in this league. Twice, we came in second place and last year held our own against North Carolina and won the first place title. Seven NMs, two FMs, and a WIM are members of this group, and we are the largest state group on chess.com! So join us now, and let's prove to the world which state is best!


  • Online Feb 28, 2017

    Tj Casper | New Jersey, Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 1 ott 2015

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  • Online in questo momento

    Charlie | New Jersey, Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 3 lug 2012

  • Online 12 ore fa

    NJ, United States, Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 13 dic 2012

  • Online 27 min fa

    Joong Choi | New York, Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 24 giu 2012

  • Online 45 min fa

    Giovanni Bernal | Trenton, Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 14 apr 2013

  • Online 2 ore fa

    Alexander Katz | MIT, Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 27 dic 2012

  • Online in questo momento

    Andrew Mascillaro | Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 28 feb 2015

  • Online Jun 20, 2017

    Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 6 dic 2015

    Senza punteggio
  • Online 22 giorni fa

    Pawn on the Chess Board | Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 1 apr 2017


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