• The ONE WORLD League (1WL) offers participating clubs a wide range of opportunities.  The League is primarily an annual round-robin tournament.  It includes divisions at different rating ranges (OPEN rating, Under 1800, Under 1600, Under 1400 and Under 1200) and with matches on anywhere from 12 to 60+ boards.  Clubs can participate with up to five teams in different rating ranges.
  • We also offer multiple daily chess tournaments and competitions, including standard chess, Chess960 (with OPEN rating and Under 1400 competitions) and Vote Chess divisions.
  • The ONE WORLD League provides easy means to follow the results of our many tournaments and competition, including the ONE WORLD League PLAYERS' LOUNGE.
  • In short, we offer an extremely wide range of competitions.  We also extend a warm welcome to new clubs interested in joining us.  Interested admins are invited to join the ONE WORLD League (1WL) and search our list of tournaments and competitions.


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