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Fondato: 12 gen 2011
Membri: 10
This is an elite group of players who have an over the board rating of at least 1500. NOTE: for chess players that have a BCF over the board rating: at least 113, and for those that have a ECF over the board rating: at least 107. We intend to match our name by becoming an elite group on Chess.com. This group is an invite only group strictly for players with an over the board rating of 1500 or higher. BCF 113 or higher. ECF 107 or higher. We currently have four titled players. IM John Bartholomew, FM Kacper, NM Austen Green, and NM Damion Davy. Once a member always a member. Even if a member's over the board rating goes under 1500, BCF 113, ECF 107, they do not have to leave the group. Image courtesy of Susan Polgar Chess Daily News and Information.


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    Chris Hyde | Albuquerque, Stati Uniti

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