pekin of chess

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19 gen 2024
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note if you're a titled player you will be a admin

thank you @RayRayTheRaygun for the banner

hello my name is @A_quaker_parrot please join my club it is for those who love ducks or any animal and would really appreciate you joining so thank you even if you just thought about it

benefits of joining

1 there are rules to make this club a good and friendly environment

2 me and my friend try to make forums everyday

and 3 you could advertise your own club by making it in a forum or putting it in notes

the rules just to know in case you think about joining

1 no being mean to others

2 don't say and give links to inappropriate stuff

3 no spamming

4 don't say bad words

5 no making fun of religions you can talk about any but just don't make fun of them

6 if you break a rule and get muted (which there is 2 warnings) if you say sorry and never do it you will be unmuted if you do it again I will still forgive

7 no abuse of admin (or super admin) and super admins (and admin) and myself have to follow the rules as well

8 you can advertise in the notes