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12 lug 2023
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Hello. Iam harivishnu22 And I have chosen you to join my club. I hope you can join so that we can grow our club bigger and better. I am also hosting a competition for new members of the club. The rules are simple.

Players who have invited other players to the club will get promoted either to Coordinator, Admin, Super Admin (SA) depending on the number of players they invited.

To get Coordinator A player must invite atleast 25 players to the club.

To get Admin A player must invite at least 50 players to the club.

To get Super Admin (SA) A player must invite at least 100 players to the club.

Players who have invited other players must dm me personally and I will promote you to your new role. You must be sure that those you have invited had joined the club otherwise if they did not then I will not promote you. Last date to claim your role is 14th November 2023.

Now, as for the features of the club.

we host vote chess matches, daily matches, Intraclub tournaments and interclub tournaments as well.

daily forums on lessons on chess for beginner's and intermediate players either posted by me or Those I have instructed to do so.


Spamming is prohibited. Anyone caught spamming will be either muted or banned. You can only spam in forums that are labeled "Spam."

Advertising is not allowed unless you have a permit from an Admin or SA  

Anyone that has been caught cheating by chess.com will also be removed from the club (I mean come on cheating is not cool)

Use of swear words, threats, Racism, etc. are not allowed (I mean no one wants to be treated like that)

So, what are you waiting for. Come and have fun.

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