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What is the Road to GM?

The Road to GM is "Great Mindset" There is a reason that GM stands for Great Mindset. You may have thought it stood for "Grand Master" but you were only slightly correct.

The Road to GM can be physically seen. The Road is "Great Mindset" So before you become on the Road to Grand Master you must first accomplish the task of getting onto the Road to Great Mindset. After you accomplish this the exit to the highway is finally here and you can get off. But it gets harder because you have to now enter the ramp onto the Road to Grandmaster, which is a high new level.

Let's say you were a student driver. You would be scared of the big highways and such. The same would be for those entering the Road to GM. You wouldn't want to go and compete for norms and such without a Great Mindset because a mindset includes Confidence in self and without that...You are going nowhere because you will say you aren't enough when really you are more than enough but you just haven't traveled on the Road to Great Mindset yet.

The Road to GrandMaster is the easy part, even though it is tougher. It's the part where you need to develop the mindset that gets you in trouble. This is what we do at Road to GM. We don't make Grand Masters, we make GMs (GM meaning Great Mindset) Thus when you are prepared to say "Has anyone even reached GM in this club?" we will reply with "Yes" Because many have reached their Great Mindset have even begun the Road to Grand Master just from this club!


This is our Themes song as we progress onward to our destiny!


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