Squadron Commandos

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9 ott 2019
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  I would like to share with you a unique opportunity that exists among a tightknit core group of "Soldiers" who are actively seeking competitive battles vying for glory on the battlefield of Chess. 

We are the:

           ⚔Squadron Commandos

   While many of us enjoy war movies such as Apocalypse Now and Band of Brothers and perhaps played with toy soldiers while young, we are certainly not here to glorify nor endorse war itself

   Other clubs play team matches.  We "fight battles together". Other clubs have club members... We have "soldiers and brothers-in-arms" who gain "rank" with participation in battles ⚔  We have a big-hearted General leading a rapidly growing team of Sergeants, Corporals and Privates all rising in rank to Lieutenants, Captains and yes, even Generals too.

   Our banter is strictly for fun!--our goal is to make friends and strive for Victories together in our chess battles while enjoying the camaraderie we have developed. 

   Although we have only been in existence ~3 years, the success we have achieved so far is evident with our ~75% match victory record, amassing over 39,000 points (ranked #143), while currently participating in 45+ battles!

    We participate in over 10 League tournaments (already amassing multiple trophies), including 3 960 leagues, (TMCL - 1WL - KO), ~14 Vote chess battles, and always have battles open to join. 

We pride ourselves by striving to have no red zeros 🚫 on our boards. That has enabled us to be successful in many of our tournament battles.

  The Keys to achieve Success lies in Teamwork... Fully Active, Fully Committed, and Ready for Battle!

                   🤙     ⚔     ♟

                  We support our fellow Commandos! 

**Please be advised that we have an admin that runs the PGN spy check program on each new member that joins the Commandos to ensure our Squadron's integrity and reputation**