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Team  USA

Team USA

Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave  |   Fondato: 27 lug 2009
Membri: 920

Team USA exists for one primary purpose: to compete against other nations in the chess.com World League and 960WL. We are looking for competitive, champion-minded chess players committed to representing Team USA in our World League matches.
BEFORE you apply, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING to make sure you meet our membership guidelines which demonstrate that you are ready to join:
-You must be a member of chess.com for a minimum of 3 months
-You must have completed 20 or more "daily" standard and/or 960 games. Live games such as blitz do not count
-Your time out ratio must be 10% or less
-You are REQUIRED to display the American Flag or the flag of one of the US Territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, or the US Virgin Islands)
By applying, you agree to Team USA and chess.com policies. We will decline/remove anyone not adhering to these principles.
Do you meet the above guidelines and are ready to compete and help us win? Then we’re ready to have you represent the US in World League play!


  • Online 18 ore fa

    Ken | Westminster, Co, Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 13 feb 2018

  • Online 3 giorni fa

    Dan | Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 14 giu 2014

  • Online 1 ora fa

    Richard Williams | Melbourne, Arkansas, Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 03 dic 2012

  • Online 1 ora fa

    Marshall Hunt | San Diego, California, Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 04 set 2013


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