The Polish Winged Hussars
The Polish Winged Hussars (1559-1776) was the best cavalry in the world. Was strong and very dangerous. They didn't lose any battle in 125 years (1500-1625). Enemies were scared. For example: Kircholm (1605) - 3.500 Polish Army vs 12.000 Swedish Army - we won, Kłuszyn (1610) - 5.500 Polish Army vs 35.000 Russian Army - we won, We protected Europe many times. Somebody remember it ? Battle of Vienna (1683) - we changed history. Polish (27.000), Austrian and German forces - 70.000 vs Turkish and other armies - 138.000 - we won. 100 years after Poland has dissapeared from Europen map for 123 years. Days of our glory will be back and we will be strong again ! Hussars videos: If You like Poland and our history You are welcome here !
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