Istruttori di Scacchi

Trova un istruttore di scacchi che ti aiuti a migliorare il tuo gioco. Qui di seguito trovi un elenco di forti giocatori di scacchi che sono disponibili per lezioni ed allenamenti. Contatta un istruttore di scacchi oggi stesso.

  • IMJackRodgers

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    Jack Rodgers FIDE Punteggio 2040, Australia

    Follow me on Twitch for the newest chess content!   Twitch:   Hello, my name is Jack Rodgers and I am an expert chess player and coach from Sydney Australia. I have a 2000 FIDE rating and have three years experience...

  • CM JamesColeman

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    James Coleman FIDE Punteggio 2207 London, Inghilterra

    Hi! I'm James Coleman from England, now 41 years old - (so well past my prime ) - and I've been playing chess since I was 7 years old.    I've competed in many international tournaments around the world and experienced all the highs and lows that go with...

  • CM Gertsog

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    Viktor Neustroev FIDE Punteggio 2211 Novosibirsk, Russia

    Experienced chess coach specializing in tactics and openings. An author of educational chess courses on Udemy. The coach of the champion of Siberia among girls under 9! Affordable rates! A test lesson is also possible! I'm 32. I live in Russia, Novosibirsk....

  • FM Maeve_WQ

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    Louie Jiang FIDE Punteggio 2326 Montreal, Canada

    I love chess and have been playing it for the last 18 years, progressing through the ranks with a self-taught system focusing on tactical calculation.   I have been teaching for 4 years now and have worked with the local Echecs et Maths organization...

  • GM ficorrales

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    Fidel Corrales FIDE Punteggio 2525 Missouri, Stati Uniti

    Hello everyone, I am GM Fidel Corrales. Currently living in the chess capital of the world, Saint Louis, Missouri!  I have been coaching chess for a long time and my specialty is getting players from 1200-1600s and bring them to the 1800s and up. If you...

  • FM 26andrej26

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    Andrej Sukovic FIDE Punteggio 2306 PodgoricA, Montenegro

     2 times junior champion of MNE. Youngest master in my country. In general i think any help is good if you can pull out something useful from it, and such is not rare when coming from titled experienced players! I am participant of 3 cadets world championships...

  • FM PecuricaM

    Online 21 min fa
    Miloš Pečurica FIDE Punteggio 2334 Bar, Montenegro

    Fide Instructor, Fide Master with one IM norm, 4 times youth and 1 time Junior champion of my country. Coach for 3 years. Fluent in English.  60 minutes=15 euros(18 USD) Contact me via inbox or via

  • CM BrizuelaReivis

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    Reivis Brizuela FIDE Punteggio 2223 san mateo, estado aragua, Venezuela

    Hola, Mi Nombre es Reivis Brizuela, tengo 26 años de edad, soy Maestro Candidato (CM) y Maestro Nacional de Ajedrez. Contactame: Soy Jugador Activo desde los 14 años de edad, siendo campeón de mi país en múltiples oportunidades, Campeón...

  • NM HanSchut

    Online 26 min fa
    Han Schut USCF Punteggio 2257 Florida, Stati Uniti

    Certified trainer in the Steps Method (Van Wijgerden/Brunia) Available to coach fearless girls and boys who want to reach for the stars in chess and life! Also coaching seniors who love the game and want to keep their brain active. Chess coach and father...

  • FM Michel2426

    Online 31 min fa
    Michel Coto Artemisa, Cuba

    (Spanish/English/French) FM since 2009. In 2013 I got the Electronic Engineer Title and since then, I have been teaching chess and playing official tournaments. Personal Blog . Two IM norms (struggling for the 3rd),...

  • IM gmtalentoso

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    Mariano Madrigal Nicaragua

    I am Mariano Madrigal, International Master from Nicaragua. I got de title when I was 17 years old. I have represented my country in many tournaments including two chess olympiad, Istambul 2012 and Tromso 2014. In addition, I have been the coach of Enrique...

  • GM GMMelik

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    Melikset Khachiyan USCF Punteggio 2600 Los Angeles, Stati Uniti

    Melik Khachiyan is a professional chess player and chess coach since 1990. Melik is currently the US National Olympiad Team coach. Among his own early coaches was former world champion GM Tigran Petrosian. Former student GM Levon Aronian says, "

  • GM Krasimir_Rusev

    Online 37 min fa
    Krasimir Rusev FIDE Punteggio 2569 Kazanlak, Bulgaria

    I am GM Krasimir Rusev, professional chess player and trainer.Member of the Bulgarian National  Chess Team.Winner of many strong  chess tournaments around the world. I graduated from the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria with a Bachelor’s degree in...

  • GM TheCount

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    Ioan-Cristian Chirila USCF Punteggio 2631 San Francisco, Stati Uniti

    International Grand Master, world youth champion in 2007 at group U-16, currently professional chess player and trainer. If you wish to learn more about me visit my webpage at:

  • FM lexisvar

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    Alexis Vargas Arteaga FIDE Punteggio 2237 Colombia

    FM Alexis Vargas Arteaga, Ajedrecista desde mis 15 años de edad, realmente soy un apasionado por el juego ciencia. También soy desarrollador de software pero lo cierto es que cada día lanzo una moneda al aire y dependiendo la cara que caiga me pongo a...

  • FM micwhite

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    Michael White FIDE Punteggio 2247 London, Westminster, Regno Unito

    Hi, I'm FIDE Master Michael White from the UK. My coaching has mainly focused on teaching promising juniors in individual and group settings. I'm keen to expand my student base, via the Internet, to adults who are looking to improve their game. I'm in...

  • WGM Shata1974

    Online 1 ora fa
    Tatiana Shadrina FIDE Punteggio 2320 Russia

    Hello everyone! I'm WGM Shadrina Tatiana from Russia In 2009 in Saint Petersburg I was the 5th in the European Individual Women Championship. My Elo now is 2320. I'm here (on for 2 reasons: First I like this site immensely because where else...

  • GM sergiochess83

    Online 1 ora fa
    Sergey Grigoriants FIDE Punteggio 2568 Moscow, Russia

    My name is Sergey Grigoriants professional chess player and coach, (2568) GM from Russia.You can watch my game against the World Champion:      (2017, World Blitz Championship) and against S.Karjakin:


    Online 1 ora fa
    Roman Dzindzichashvili FIDE Punteggio 2550 East Boston, Stati Uniti

    Hello,  My name is Roman Dzindzichashvili and I am a Life Long Chess Grandmaster and Chess Coach. I have been playing chess all my life and I have won the U.S. Chess Championship twice. I was also featured numerous time in many Chess Articles during...

  • IM mat_kolosowski

    Online 1 ora fa
    Mateusz Kołosowski FIDE Punteggio 2474 Wroclaw, Polonia

        Hi, First of all thanks for viewing my profile;). If you're doing that, perhaps it's for a reason. Aren't you a a person who still lacks some skills to call yourself a strong player? If so, you might be interested in looking for a chess coach. Why...

  • FM alexsuper1987

    Online 1 ora fa
    Alessandro Santagati FIDE Punteggio 2309 Catania, Italia

    I am Alessandro Santagati, a 29 year old FM.I live in Catania , Sicily , and I started playing chess at the age of 11. I have extensive experience in training.My philosophy is that anyone can improve quickly, given the right lessons.My method is to develop...

  • FM Schemato

    Online 1 ora fa
    Arne Jochens FIDE Punteggio 2265 Ulm, Germania

    "Lie and hypocrisy do not hold good for long on the chessboard of the masters. They are struck by the thunderbolt of the creative combination, eventually, and they cannot construe away the fact, at least not for long, and the sun of justice shines brightly...

  • GeniusKJ

    Online 1 ora fa
    Kairav Joshi, Stati Uniti

    Hi there!   I am the Founder and CEO of Chess University, Inc., the world's leading online chess academy with its primary website located at   My journey in the chess education world began when I became a #1-selling coach....

  • GM khekhm

    Online 1 ora fa
    Toms Kantans FIDE Punteggio 2541 Riga, Lettonia

    I am an Grandmaster from Latvia, current fide elo 2541.  Very active and dynamic player who has worked with a lot of different coaches as well as coached himself.  I believe that we should play out the games we have got. That's the reason why I have managed...

  • IM jjosu

    Online 1 ora fa
    Joshua Sheng FIDE Punteggio 2411 California, Stati Uniti

    Hi there!  I'm Joshua Sheng, a 17-year-old International Master from Santa Monica, California.  My fide ELO is currently 2411 and my USCF is 2507.  I am open to private coaching and will take students just about anywhere.  In addition to private coaching,...

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