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     blitzblitzblitzGroup chess lessons for beginners and advanced players blitzblitzblitz  !

Group 500-1000 USCF and group 1000-1500 USCF -  AFFORDABLE PRICES !

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One of the top-ranked coaches in 2021-2023 (Lichess)

Standard fide rating 2411.
I am 30 years old and also a Master Professor of Sport and Physical Education.

  • 6 times winner of central Serbia B12,B14,B16,B18
    1 Balkan champion B16
    2 times Youth Champion
  • Winner of many open tournaments 

11 years of experience in coaching.A couple of my students are one of the better ones in the Country for their age.
Mladenovic Stefan FM with two IM norms
Ivic Matija FM , Aarav Kartnik , Jiangwei Yu , Daniel Wang , Athur Xiu , Chloe Wang ,  Ivan Stankovic FM , Yogesh Shelgaonkar ....

Graduated from the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education Master studies and because of that I have great knowledge in working with people where I was helped by pedagogy and philosophy that I studied

Teaching methodology

I prepare to run my lessons in a unique fashion in comparison with the older coaches. I will look at the games from my students then we will analyze specific opening and middle game ideas that would best fit their style. Lastly, there will be concrete analysis on how to improve endgame play by looking at very famous basic positions, in order to understand how to play them. I believe in assessing a players skill set and setting up a proper focused training program around the players goals and needs. Its important that the goals of a player are matched to the time available and the needs of the players. .

50€ - 1hour lesson       450€ - 10 lessons        training games 35€ -1 hour

for further details >     https://lichess.org/coach/ZivkovicN

Contact e-mail  : nemanjazivk1992@gmail.com