The United Chess Nations

United Chess Nations Parliament
3 ott 2021
138 (#791)
149 (#88)
50 min fa
Our UCN COMMUNITY - Rapid mutliclub arena will start in around 1 hour, will be 3 hours long, and 14 clubs participate! Be sure to join for the right club (The United Chess Nations) and good luck for your next games! :) Have fun in playing chess! :)
I am back
1 ora fa
Welcome IM @Papa12341234! Thanks for joining us! :) I'm happy to check your Twitter / Discord server soon! :)
3 ore fa
Welcome NM @SeedToTree! He's a chess coach, a YouTuber, a Twitcher and shares with players worldwide his passion for the chess game! Welcome in The United Chess Nations! :)
4 ore fa
The inscriptions for our new team match against PFCC are now open! But not for a long time ;) Good luck and have fun in playing chess! :)