Bughouse World Championship Open 2022

9 სექ. 2022
Why isn't there anything Upcoming?
Oct 7, 2022
@Dralath 3rd qualification is 9 AM, October 8 PACIFIC TIME. 4rd one is at 5 PM. October 9 PACIFIC TIME
Oct 5, 2022
I have question: 3rd qualification is 6:00 PM 8.October Pacific time? 4.qualificiation is 2:00 AM 10.October Pacific time?
chess.com uses Pacific Time, as tjarkvos says. Clicking on the link will give you the time in your own timezone in /live or /play.
Oct 4, 2022
i believe its pacific time
Qualifiers are halfway done! Update with dates and times

Qualifiers are halfway done! Update with dates and time...

NM nochewycandy | 5 ოქტ. 2022
Hello everyone!  The first half of the qualifying stage is complete - congratulations to the 8 teams that have qualified to groups.   Check this sheet to see who has qualified so far: [https://bit.ly/Bughouse2022Players] The remaining qualifications tournaments will still be Swiss system tournaments with a maximum of 10 rounds.  The time control will remain 2+0. The next qualifier Swiss is on Saturday October 8.  Open Swiss 3 will begin at 9am Pacific [https://www.chess.com/play/tournament...
First Open Qualifier TODAY! (5pm Pacific)

First Open Qualifier TODAY! (5pm Pacific)

NM nochewycandy | 1 ოქტ. 2022
Hello everyone!   The Bughouse World Championship is about to begin!  Today is the first day of qualifiers.  Today, as on each day of this weekend and the next, there are 2 Challengers qualifiers and 1 Open qualifier.] Open Qualifier 1 (starts 5pm PT/12am UTC): [https://www.chess.com/play/arena/2147914] The format of these qualifiers are 90 minute arenas.  The time control for all arenas is 2+0.  At the start of the tournament, you will be paired with the team closest to you in rating.  Aft...
12 hour Qualifier Warmup Arena starting Friday Sep 30!

12 hour Qualifier Warmup Arena starting Friday Sep 30!

NM nochewycandy | 28 სექ. 2022
https://www.chess.com/play/arena/2136985 We've set a practice arena to start on Friday Sep 30 at 12pm Pacific time.  It will last for 12 hours to allow teams as much time as they need to get used to the arena format.   The time control is 2+0, the official time control for BWC.  It is not rated and will not count towards standings nor qualifying spots in BWC. Just as in the real qualifying arenas (starting Saturday Oct 1 at 5pm Pacific), please make sure you are partnered with your BWC part...