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I have had recent issues with the app and require assistance
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13 დღის წინ
Feb 5, 2023
Jan 31, 2023
I don't like having to ban people for writing hateful messages in this section, but this kind of behaviour is NOT okay.Please be respectful to each other in the club. Please and thank you. 🙏
Choptochop stream times (Oz Daylight Savings) and club matches

Choptochop stream times (Oz Daylight Savings) and club ...

AnnaLog002 | 1 ოქტ. 2022
Hi all, I hope you are all doing well. Can you believe it's October already? There will be Halloween at the end of the month, and most importantly, the birthday of everyone's favourite guy, choptochop is also this month! I just wanted to cover a few important things. Choptochop's new stream times - Australian Daylight Savings This morning (Sunday, 2 October 2022), choptochop's time zone went forward by an hour due to Australian Daylight Savings. He will continue to begin his Twitch strea...
Three matches open for registration

Three matches open for registration

AnnaLog002 | 14 სექ. 2022
Hi all, I hope that you are doing well. I wish to welcome our new members, and to thank those of you who have registered for club matches. Just a friendly reminder that three club matches are open for registrations, so please sign up if you have not already, or please ask a friend who is interested to join. The first two matches will start in a few days' time, and spaces are available. All ratings are welcome to join. Choptochop's Club vs Daily Tournaments Fans Club - 2 days per move, rate...
Powering up the club

Powering up the club

AnnaLog002 | 10 სექ. 2022
Hi everyone, choptochop has expressed his desire to get this club active again, with participation in club matches and events. If anyone has any suggestions, like which clubs to challenge for matches, or ideas for events, please let us know.
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