Fair Play Policy

Chess.com has a responsibility to maintain a clean, fair platform for chess players around the world. We reserve the right to monitor all chess games played on our platform.

  • All of your moves must be your own
  • Do not cheat in any way
  • Do not get help from any other person, including parents, friends, coaches or another player
  • Do not use chess engines, software of any kind, bots, plugins or any tools that analyze positions during play
  • Do not use tablebases or any other resources that show the best move (in both Online and Daily chess)
  • You may use Opening Explorer or other books without engine evaluations in Daily chess only (not in Online / Live play)
  • Do not perform any automated analysis or “blunder checking” of your games in progress
  • Do not allow anyone else to use your account
  • Do not use anyone else's account
  • Do not artificially manipulate ratings, matches, or game outcomes
  • Do not interfere with the gameplay of other members
  • Suspecting your opponent of using outside help is not an excuse to do the same. If you suspect someone is cheating, report the player to Chess.com.

EXCEPTION: These rules do not apply to unrated games or tactics. However, if you intend to use assistance against your opponent, you must notify them beforehand.

WARNING: If we determine that you have violated our Fair Play Policy, then we will close your account and label it closed for a Fair Play violation. All account status changes are made in our sole discretion. For a full listing of the measures we will take to both monitor your play on Chess.com and enforce our Fair Play Policy, see the Termination and Account Limitations sections of our User Agreement.