Best Of The Best

Best Of The Best

What makes World Champions unique? 

GM Simon Williams and NM James Canty demonstrate the amazing specialties of four amazing world champions.

  • Learn from Mikhail Tal's best queen sacrifices.
  • Check out Tigran Petrosian's amazing exchange sacrifices.
  • See how Magnus Carlsen grinds out endgame wins.
  • Observe Garry Kasparov's groundbreaking opening preparation.

Magnus Carlsen's Best Endgames

Magnus Carlsen became world champion by winning seemingly drawn endgames better than anyone in the history of chess. GM Simon Williams brings you Magnus's five best endgame victories!
11 min
5 Challenges

Garry Kasparov's Best Opening Preparation

World Champion Garry Kasparov often built his deadly attacks on groundbreaking opening preparation. Check out five of his most amazing opening ideas.
12 min
5 Challenges

Mikhail Tal's Best Queen Sacrifices

Mikhail Tal was the greatest attacking player that the chess world had ever seen. NM James Canty brings you Tal's five greatest queen sacrifices.
19 min
5 Challenges

Tigran Petrosian's Best Exchange Sacrifices

World Champion Tigran Petrosian specialized in sacrificing the exchange, both for attack and defense. Check out his five greatest sacrifices with GM Simon Williams as your guide!
11 min
5 Challenges

Best Of The Best

Master Games
4 Lessons
53 Minutes
20 Challenges
Released February 9, 2021
9,700 Students