Play Like Magnus Carlsen

Play Like Magnus Carlsen

Put yourself in the shoes of World Champion Magnus Carlsen!

Have you ever wondered how world champion Magnus Carlsen wins? Do you want to play like Magnus? Then this is the course for you! Try to figure out the moves in some of the best games of world champion Magnus Carlsen! Can you work out the combinations like he does? Start playing like Magnus today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how Carlsen defeated his chief rivals for the world title, Anand, Karjakin, and Caruana!
  • Learn how a 12-year-old Magnus Carlsen won a miniature against another local prodigy!
  • Start winning like Carlsen!

Play Like Magnus Carlsen: Hammer vs Carlsen

How did a 12 year old Magnus Carlsen handle the black pieces against another prodigy, Jon Ludvig Hammer? All we can say is he handled them brilliantly! Follow along and try to keep up.
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Play Like Magnus Carlsen: Carlsen vs Ernst

From a quiet Caro-Kann defense, Magnus goes all in for a sacrificial attack and checkmates his strong opponent. See if you can keep up.
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Play Like Magnus Carlsen: Carlsen vs Anand

Both of Carlsen's first two World Championship matches were against the previous champion, Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand.
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Play Like Magnus Carlsen: Karjakin vs Carlsen

In 2016 Magnus defended his title against Sergey Karjakin. The match was close throughout and went to rapid tie-breaks, which Magnus won 3-1 to retain the title.
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Play Like Magnus Carlsen: Caruana vs Carlsen

In 2018 Magnus faced a tough challenge from Fabiano Caruana. After 12 draws Magnus won the first game of the tie-break, which brought the players to this critical game.
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