Henri Rinck's Studies

Henri Rinck's Studies

Get ready for some beautiful endgame studies!

Henri Rinck was a French study composer in the first half of the 1900s. He specialized in endgame studies and contributed many creative ideas. See if you can solve some of his most creative compositions!

  • Find ways to dominate and win against bishops, knights and even a queen!
  • Learn tactical endgame patterns from one of the greatest composers ever.

Henri Rinck Studies: Finding A Path

In this short, but unique study White has one path to promote a pawn and win the game. Try to figure out a way forward.
1 Challenge

Henri Rinck Studies: Not Done Yet

Material is equal and there aren't any pawns, but you don't need to agree to a draw. How should White win the game?
1 Challenge

Henri Rinck Studies: Dominating A Bishop

One of Henri Rinck's topics was dominating and trapping a bishop on an open board. See if you can find your way through three tricky studies on this theme.
3 Challenges

Henri Rinck Studies: An Amazing Mate

It looks like Black's about to promote, but it's White who will win the game. Figure out how.
1 Challenge

Henri Rinck Studies: Going On A King Hunt

Black's three pawns appear to compensate for a bishop, but it's White's turn and there's a chance to win if you can find it.
1 Challenge

Henri Rinck Studies: Dominating A Queen

Even a queen can be dominated if it's in a bad spot. See if you can take advantage and win material or checkmate.
1 Challenge

Henri Rinck's Studies

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Released February 16, 2021
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