How to Develop the Initiative

How to Develop the Initiative

Learn to build up the initiative and never let it go!

Want to attack like a Grandmaster? Join GM Mikhalevski as he demonstrates how to develop an initiative and carry it through to victory! He demonstrates three of his own games against strong opposition, where he takes the initiative right out of the opening and never lets his opponent escape. Start attacking like a grandmaster today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how to attack early in the game, even with the black pieces!
  • Learn how to judge material imbalances!
  • Learn to punish greedy pawn grabs!

"Thanks, Victor, a very instructive video. I learned a lot. Wow, the power of diagonals is a great weapon to use! I will incorporate that strategy into my own games. Thanks again!" - Chess.com member Vanrayneman

"Crushing attacks very well explained too! Cool!" - Chess.com member pumpupthevolume247

How to Develop the Initiative - Part 1

GM Viktor Mikhalevski plays against a topical anti-Grunfeld setup that even many top players play. Black quickly takes over the initiative, and gets the strongest bishops on e7 and d7 you've ever seen! Once the diagonals clear, the tactical floodgates blast open with countless discovered attacks, forks, pins, and x-ray attacks all over the place. It's like a video and tactics trainer rolled into one!
27 min
5 Challenges

How to Develop the Initiative - Part 2

One of the hardest imbalances in chess to handle is queen for two rooks. In a recent game from the World Open, GM Mikhalevski amazingly had the chance to get two rooks for the queen in a winning position, but instead chose to have the queen for two rooks, which was also winning! Talk about a win-win! We'll see how the coordinated rooks can dominate, but if instead the queen creates targets, then she is for preference. Watch how the veteran's experience helps overcome his much younger opponent in this fascinating game.
25 min
5 Challenges

How to Develop the Initiative - Part 3

After a seemingly innocent pawn-grab by GM Mikhalevski's opponent, White suffers for the rest of the game. His undeveloped pieces continue to struggle against the pressure, and although he survived until the endgame, our video author shows some nifty technique to get the full point without any stress. Today's take home message is don't be afraid to invest a small amount of material to ruin your opponent's ability to effectively mobilize the pieces so your superior forces can dominate!
26 min
5 Challenges

How to Develop the Initiative

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15 Challenges
Released June 21, 2019
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