Play Like Bobby Fischer

Play Like Bobby Fischer

Find the moves from Bobby Fischer's greatest games!

Bobby Fischer took on the whole Soviet Chess establishment nearly by himself and became World Champion! He was an eccentric and brilliant player and may well have been the strongest champion of all time. See if you can find the moves in some of his best games. Start winning like Fischer today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Find the moves in Fischer's famous "Game of the Century!"
  • Beat a world-class player in the Evans Gambit!
  • Go dragon hunting against Bent Larsen!
  • Take down World Champion Spassky!

Play Like Bobby Fischer: Byrne vs Fischer

The 14 year old Bobby Fsicher won a game so brilliant that it was quickly dubbed the Game of the Century!
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Play Like Bobby Fischer: Fischer vs Fine

A young Bobby Fischer played an amazing blitz game against one of the previous top American players, Reuben Fine.
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Play Like Bobby Fischer: Fischer vs Larsen

In Fischer's book, "My 60 Memorable Games" he includes this game against the Danish GM Bent Larsen.
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Play Like Bobby Fischer: Letelier vs Fischer

Fischer claimed that a breakthrough in his career came when he realized that he could play for a win with either color.
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Play Like Bobby Fischer: Spassky vs Fischer

Fischer capped off his career by winning a World Championship match against Boris Spassky.
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