Play Like Fabiano Caruana

Play Like Fabiano Caruana

Find Fabiano's greatest moves!

How did Fabiano Caruana become the third highest-rated player of all time and produce the best tournament result ever? As he works his way back to a title rematch, check out some of Fabiano's best games. Try to play the moves that brought him many tournament victories and nearly the world title. Start playing like Caruana today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Find one of the greatest promotion tactics ever!
  • Find the moves that won Caruana a national championship!
  • Outplay World Champion Magnus Carlsen!

Play Like Fabiano Caruana: Caruana vs Topalov

In 2014 Fabiano started the elite 2014 Sinquefield Cup with a perfect 7 - 0 score. That amazing performance included two wins against GM Veselin Topalov.
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Play Like Fabiano Caruana: Carlsen vs Caruana

When Fabiano is on a roll, not even the World Champion can stop him! Fabiano defeated Carlsen with the Black pieces in the 2014 Sinquefield cup.
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Play Like Fabiano Caruana: Nisipeanu - Caruana

Fabiano Caruana won Dortmund 2015 ahead of stars like Vladimir Kramnik and Wesley So. GM Liviu - Dieter Nisipeanu went all out with an Evans Gambit in the last round.
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Play Like Fabiano Caruana: Caruana vs Onischuk

Fabiano returned to the US after a period in Italy and won the 2016 US Championship with a score of 8.5/11.
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Play Like Fabiano Caruana: Caruana vs Lenderman

See if you can keep up with Fabiano in this game from the 2018 US Champion against Grandmaster Aleksandr Lenderman.
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Play Like Fabiano Caruana

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Released August 7, 2019