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Play Like Vladimir Kramnik

Play Like Vladimir Kramnik

Find the key moves in Kramnik's greatest games!

After 15 years as Word Champion, Garry Kasparov lost a shocker of a match to Vladimir Kramnik. Besides defeating one of the greatest of all time, Kramnik was a strong world champion in his own right. His openings like the Berlin Defense and the Catalan have revolutionized chess in the 21st century. Follow along and try to figure out the moves of five of Kramnik's greatest games. Start winning like Kramnik today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Find brilliant attacking moves against GMs Beliavsky and Meier.
  • Find the instructive winning ideas in two wins over the legendary Levon Aronian!
  • Find the moves in World Championship Match win against Garry Kasparov!
  • Play Like Vladimir Kramnik: Kramnik vs Kasparov

    Garry Kasparov is maybe the best chess player in history, but Kramnik defeated him in a world title match without losing a single game! Kramnik won a match in 2000 by the score of 8.5-6.5 This game was his second win of the match, which practically clinched...

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  • Play Like Vladimir Kramnik: Kramnik vs Beliavsky

    Kramnik was one of the top players in the world as a young star in the 1990s. He won many tournaments including the Belgrade Investbank tournament in 1995, which included most of the top players in the world. This is a crushing victory from that event...

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  • Play Like Vladimir Kramnik: Kramnik vs Meier

    Kramnik held the World Championship title from 2000 until 2008. After losing a match to Vishy Anand Kramnik remained one of the best players in the world. He sharpened his style and won many great attacking games, including this one against Grandmaster...

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  • Play Like Vladimir Kramnik: Kramnik vs Aronian

    Kramnik represented Russia many times in international competitions. He first rose to prominence in the 1992 Olympiad where he scored an astounding 8.5/9. He continued to compete successfully for many years. This game was a decisive victory in 2012...

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  • Play Like Vladimir Kramnik: Aronian vs Kramnik

    Kramnik's last chance to regain the world title was the 2018 Candidates tournament. He started well, but lost too many games to gain a match with Magnus Carlsen. The highlight of his tournament was this spectacular win against Levon Aronian with the...

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