Team England

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Team England is the national club representing England in's official World League, European League, 960 League, and Vote Chess World Cup. We also play friendly matches against other national teams; and organise in-house championships. The format of the leagues is 3 days per move, Daily Chess.

The English Chess Federation (ECF - endorses Team England as the national team competing in the various international competitions.

Our club members are expected to participate in a significant number of team matches each season and may be contacted by team administrators and requested to join matches.

Membership is open to anyone who has a substantial association with England (English national or resident), with a UK associated flag, is not a member of any other national team and has been on site for 3 months. To be eligible for matches members will need to have completed at least 10 genuine daily games and have a Time Out ratio below 25%.

If you are happy to make a commitment to our great club, then you are invited to JOIN, contribute to the team, make friends, and help us to retain our position as World and European League Champions!