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Hello, My name is Siddharth and I am a chess player from the United States. My USCF Rating is 855. I started playing chess when I was 5 years old. and in that time I was not playing chess online but OTB. Chess is my hobby. I enjoy chess, sports, and playing outside. I am currently 10 and a half years old. My goal is to become a Master in chess one day. I created this account since March 29th 2020 on Sunday. I recently got a Diamond Membership since May 4th 2021. My 1st Tournament was in 2019 and my rating was provisionally rated at that time. Once I played more USCF rated games and tournaments: both online and OTB, then your rating is non-provisional. I have competed in many chess tournaments online. I also use Chessable to learn chess online.  My OTB Rating is above 600. 

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