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Jun 29, 2023
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chesspawnWelcome to vs. ChessKid!peshkaWe at vs. ChessKid are committed to building a community around a love for the timeless game of chess. Our club is a place where chess players of all skill levels gather to learn, improve, and celebrate the beauty of the game! We look forward to you joining us!

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CVC is known for it's giveaways you can win if you'd like a membership, a free club, coaching sessions from professionals, or an admin position!


This is the club to join whether you wish to play lengthy matches against teammates or just brief one-minute games! You would love to join a great many of the arenas we provide!

votechessVote Chess:

Participate in exciting intellectual competitions against other chess enthusiasts by participating in our Vote Chess events. We provide a variety of vote chess games to suit players of all skill levels, whether you're a GM or just getting started!

playhandDaily Matches:

We emphasize this classic format, so we also recognize the elegance of daily chess. Gain tactical knowledge, carefully analyze your moves, and enjoy the game's richness in a more intentional and reflective environment!


Make friends with chess players everywhere. A unique chance to study from and compete against players with varying approaches to the game is presented by CVC, providing a unique opportunity to learn from and compete against players with diverse approaches to the game!


chesspawnAbout's mission is to help all ages enjoy the game of chess. As the #1 platform for online chess with 150 Million+ Members, they are focused on growing the game by building great products, making learning and improving easier, and delivering incredible chess content and events to their fans.

peshkaAbout ChessKid:peshka

ChessKid empowers kids ages 4-13 to learn the game of Chess on the world’s #1 Chess site for youth. Their learning tools keep users motivated to learn and improve their Chess skills. More importantly, learning Chess will teach skills that they can use throughout life: strategy, tactics, creativity, perseverance and calculated risk-taking.


At vs. ChessKid, it's all about YOU. Fun awaits – are you ready to make your move?