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Apr 25, 2015
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49 min ago
Supporting member since Aug 19, 2017

Hi! I'm chesster3145. And since this is a profile page, after all, you probably want to know some things about me happy.png Let's get started, then.

My Chess "Identity"

    I guess that's the right word for it, as long as I'm not using the words "chess" and "style" in the same sentence... meh.png

As with most class players, my chess identity is more defined by what I can't do than what I can. In particular, I can't calculate variations very well, and my thoughts often bounce from one place to another during a game. I also have a slight blunder problem which never seems to go away. What I do have is solid positional sense, and on good days, I've been known to topple much stronger players on that alone. Also, at least up until a couple of months ago, I've been known to be very emotional during and after games, and I have a real sense of fantasy in chess, which has been a real asset for me in VC games. Here are some of my best games and, in VC, contributions:

Rapid/Classical (both online and OTB):

Daily Chess:
Group Participation
    I've been actively participating in the Chess.com community almost since day one of my membership, serving as an admin in The Ultimate Training Center, founded by several Top Bloggers as a group dedicated to chess improvement through vote chess, team matches and the sharing of important training materials, including, in some cases, member articles, and Untitled Tuesday, a group which runs a monthly tournament just after Titled Tuesday for amateurs, along with a Saturday event for those in different time zones.

I also actively play in the World Standard Time Control 90 30 group and the Slow Chess League,  and play in World League matches for Team Canada.


My Blog

    Ever since I started my blog four months ago, it's been my main thing content-wise on Chess.com, where I post weekly about anything and everything related to chess. You can find all of my posts here, the introduction here, my Top Blogger introduction here and the blog directory here.

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