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    Hi everyone! This is about 15 posts overdue, but better now than never. This is the first step in the process of streamlining my blog which I outlined here. This page is the headquarters from which you can access anything on my blog. Let's get started.

    What will you find here? Put simply, from here it will be no more than two clicks to anything my blog has to offer, whether you want a brutally honest look at my own games or blogs on events like Untitled Tuesday, an excellent tourney which I run with several other well-respected members of With each series or topic for standalone posts, I'll include a little introduction to the series here, explaining what the series is all about in two or three sentences. There will also be either a link to the actual introduction, which will contain links to every single post in the series, or a link to each individual post after the introduction here.

    Now for the actual post links.

    Blog News and Announcements is everything important that I need to say relating to the blog but which doesn't really belong in a post, whether it's a new series, an introduction to something, reorganizing, or just thanking all of you for reading my blog.

    Hello from chesster3145

    Much Ado About Blogging

    Thanks for 500 reads

    Major Renovations: Making an Organized, Accessible Blog

    Top Blogger Introduction

    A Few New Series

    50 Follower Q&A? Something Else? You Decide!

    Ending a Series? New Content!

    Headlined: Introducing Myself

    A News Salad - celebrating 100 followers, upcoming posts and why my blog was down


    My Annotated Games is exactly what it sounds like. My more interesting games, annotated thoroughly. Usually there's a particular variation or part of the game that I point to as the reason for posting it, and I talk a little bit about the game afterwards. The complete list is below.

#1: Anarchy on the Chessboard

#2: The Fog of Blitz

#3: A Hard-Fought Draw

#4: A Tragic Almost-Mini in the Grunfeld

    Why Players Plateau (referred to as WPP in the posts) is a brutally honest, but refreshing look at why chess plateaus exist, and why I had one in the 1400s just months ago. To some degree it reflects my belief that lower-rated players are misunderstood, and there are often good reasons why they blunder or botch endgames, but at the same time it stays true to the "brutal honesty" manifesto, offering up my bloodiest and most graphic examples in order to break down the stigma surrounding lower-rated players and have a lot of fun too. The pure and simple truth is this: there are many reasons chess players blow games, and they are all interconnected.

    #1: Bad Time Management

    #2: Poor Endgame Play

    #3: Overheating

    #4: Inconsistent Thought Process

    #5: Confirmation Bias

    #6: Blunders

    Everything Openings is exactly what it sounds like: an ongoing series on all things opening theory. You won't find super-deep GM theory here, however. As always, there's a focus on opening theory from a class player perspective, featuring the many benefits of opening preparation other than the +/=.

    #1: My First Opening Bomb

    #2: Practicality and the Caro-Kann

    #3: The Canal-Sokolsky, Risk, and Playing with a Plan

    #4: The Perenyi Problem

    #5: The Breyer: Why Soundness Matters

    Concrete Problems is about, well, concrete problems, the situations where you make the nastiest mistakes and the struggle to solve just one more problem than your opponent.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Rising Stars is my first series dedicated to the blogging community. Each post features one of's many underrated bloggers as I give an overview of who they are as a blogger and review their blog, giving strengths and things to work on.

    #1: @kamalakanta

    #2: @FangBo

    #3: @JMurakami


    Endgames is the section for any endgame I'm currently looking at, whether from a master game or my own.

    A Deceptively Difficult Minor Piece Ending

    Tactics is the section for all things tactical, usually tidbits from my games which I look at more deeply in the blog post.

    Investigating an Unclear Tactic

    Puzzles is the section for any posts which consist mainly of puzzles designed to test and improve upon your skills.

    Practical Puzzles from My Games


    Events is the section where I chronicle events I've played in or observed.

    Scholastic Chess:

    May 2017 Scholastic

    Untitled Tuesday:

    Untitled Tuesday Test Event

    August 2017 Untitled Tuesday

    September 2017 Untitled Tuesday

    March 2018 Untitled Tuesday

    Endgame Tournaments:

    Aronian-Hou: R+4 vs R+2

    Daily Tournaments:

    TUTC 1st Tournament:

    Round 3



    Training Journal is the section where I write about everything regarding my own training. You'll find blog posts on particularly important chess lessons I had here as well as anything that I'm doing to improve at tactics, endgames or some other area.

    1500 again!

   As always, thanks for tuning in. I'll have this at the top of my sidebar soon enough so that you can access it any time you need to, and it will be continuously edited every time I post.