I play for South Bradford Chess Club My Profile For the A and B Team, as well as Being a Team-Mate for the Yorkshire CA Team. I started playing around 2020, but Over the board around a year and a half, I've never played a Master over the board however I've played Many Online! Beating An IM, FM, NM, CM and Women's Fide Master.

I've Won Multiple Tournaments on Chess.com Mainly coming 1st 2nd or 3rd 

My over the board Accomplishments are Winning the John Smiths Trophy For Best player in Division 2, Winning Money from a Summer Tournament In August 2023 for Most points in My Grading Range,
With A Dream of playing Hikaru one day and Maybe Gaining a Chess Title
I'm Free for any Messages, My DMs are Open and Send a Friend Request i accept all of you!

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My Rapid Game Against FM John Curtis