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Julian Robin

California, United States
Jan 2, 2016
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Look Below for AWESOME puns jokes cute duck pics. chess puzzles+More!(click on More and scroll or ill send ducks to come stalk you!)phpKekSmw.jpeg

agar.io!   Look below for some awesome chess puzzles\_/ for all Elo                                                                                                                         levels               \/

slither.io                                                                           \/

diep.io                                                                               *


Curvefever.io, my favorite!

phpvPFe2F.jpegphpXLsyVp.gifThis duck doesn't want to be sawed!phpDJ1p0d.gifphpbHnYC5.jpegphpP2uVXY.jpeg

phpk8UHp0.jpegphprjOCi6.pngphpqMxkPC.pngphpw9WBbD.jpegphpKPirK1.jpegphpkkSycg.jpeg This is my ftr.  Pet duck.phpNt7h46.jpegphpFIsRgk.jpegphp9sSPzy.jpeg

Look underneath these chess puzzles for the promised duck puns!

Elo: 1388

Also please join my group here:
Elo: 1540


Q: At what time does a duck wake up?

A: At the quack of dawn.

Q: What do you call a cat that swallows a duck?

A: A duck-filled-fatty-pus


Q: What do you call a duck that steals?

A: A robber ducky.

Q: What did Detective Duck say to his partner?

A: “Let’s quack this case!”

Q: What did the duck say when he dropped the dishes?

A: “I hope I didn’t quack any!”

Q: What did the duck say when the waitress came?

A: Put it on my bill!

Q: What do you get when a duck bends over?

A: It’s Buttquack

Q: Why are ducks bad drivers?

A: Their windshields are qwacked.

Q: How do ducks talk?

A: They don’t You Quack.

Q: Did you hear about the duck who thought he was a squirrel?

A: It was one tough nut to quack.


Q: What do ducks get after they eat?

A: A bill!

Q: What happens when a duck flies upside down?

A: It quacks up


Q: Where did the duck go when he was sick?

A: To the ducktor!


Q: Why don`t ducks tell jokes when they fly?

A: Because they would quack up!

Q: Why was the teacher annoyed with the duck?

A: Because he wouldn’t quit quackin’ jokes!

Q: What does a duck get after he eats?

A: A bill

Q: What do ducks have with soup?

A: Quackers!

Q: What do ducks watch on TV?

A: Duck-umentaries!

Q: What do you call a duck with fangs?

A: Count Duckula!

Q: What do you get when you put four ducks in a box?

A: A box of quackers!

Q: What happens when Donald Duck flies upside down?

A: He quacks up!

Q: What is a chick’s favorite drink?

A: Peepsi!


Q: What do you call a bird that can fix anything?

A: Duck Tape.

Q: Why did the duck cross the road?

A: Because there was a quack in the sidewalk.

Q: Why did the duck go to the bank?

A: Because he wanted to get a new bill.

Q: What do get if you cross a duck and Santa?

A: A Christmas Quacker.

phpVsrMNN.jpegphpogWBQR.gifPoor ducks... : ( so sad!

phpq8uBTn.gifphpP1Q1J5.gifThis cat is drunk!

php0NZVwd.jpegAct this was when playing chess!




This is dinosaur marching parade! 


This duck sure likes pizza!

 Duck I’m So Excited Meme

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