May 17, 2017
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 I'm a tomato. Deal with it. 


My quotes:

"Points can be a curse."

"Who knows? I either see more, see less, or, maybe, just maybe, I see differently."

"All pawns are created equal, it's the player that messes them up."

 "If you can't find the board, you don't DESERVE to play."

"It's not about the views, it's about the forums. Hence me."

"You may have an excuse to be bad, but you have no excuse to not try to be better."

"There's too many. Too many bagels."

"SILENCE, puny pawn wp.png. the king wk.png is speaking."



"I am just on a higher logic level than everybody else. Don't worry, you'll get there eventually."


I am the creator of Capture the Flag Chess  if anyone wants to play put a message on this thread. I also am the inventor of the spirit and hunter in bulldog chess. 

I invented KOTL, which is a Text Based action adventure multiplayer series of games. Check out the club here. My KOTL, the first ever, is currently the largest public thread on chess.com (possibly private- unconfirmed), with over 120k posts and counting.

I also run Murder Mystery, a club that hosts Mafia/Werewolf/Town of Salem style games. We have over 80 roles, with more being added. 

Also, I appreciate that all of you, whether male, female, tomato, cat, or otherwise, spent time to look at my profile.