Looking for Opponents/Games?

I set up this thread for anyone looking for an opponent, and help find a fun chess-variant game to play. Just leave a comment for what you like, and see who replies.
With variants, at least one player will need to update a diagram after each move (unless you want to physically set-up a board at home and just send your moves like the old correspondence method).
For conveniece, here's some links (on to a few sample games you can use to see the play and learn the rules:
1) Musketeer chess (8 x 8 board, 36 pieces) (example game)
2) Bulldog chess (10 x 8 board, 40 pieces) (example game)
    (and other versions can be played or invented)
3) Waterloo chess (10 x 10 board 60 pieces) (example game)
4) Clash of Mythic Titans (12 x 16 board, 96 pieces) (thread) (not sure if this
     game is ready to play, might still be in development)
Please don't mention games if you don't want to play it yourself!!!
This thread is not for advertising - it's to help players find opponents and choose fun and challenging games to play!

After I finish one or two games (and begin my 2 promised games), I would love to play another game using the hawk (leaps 2 or 3 squares in orthogonal and diagonal directions).
We'll need to decide board and other pieces though. If anyone else would like play, just let me know.happy.png


I'll play you in capablanca chess, what is the format ?


I'll do the set up board option if you want to.

brainking2016, JamesAgadir,
I would love to play, but I have two promised games first. I just finished one game yesterday so let me check if my other possible opponents still want to play.
I do like Musketeer chess and I would like to try Capablanca also.
For Musketeer chess I think the new Gryphone (Archbishop + Hawk) is too strong for 8 x 8 board. That piece could leap to 20 squares of the board. This is almost 1/3 of the board!
If you guys can make hybrid format to play each other that is fine (use Gryphone piece on the larger Capablanca board?).
Otherwise, please just wait a little, while I check for sure my other promised games.happy.png

JamesAgadir, Capablanca chess can be played on, you can invite me there. But if we invent variants that are not configured on any site, then we need to open threads here and do all the board setup ourselves.


Note that I can configure any variant you want on my turn-based server (e.g. ). Because that server is basically just a remote chess board + pieces, where you can move the latter any way you want, and it is up to your opponent to decide if he thinks your move is legal. (Just like with the old-fashioned woodware you use to play at home.) So it is only a matter of providing a board of the right dimensions, sufficiently many different pieces, and the correct initial position with those.

HGMuller wrote:

Note that I can configure any variant you want on my turn-based server...

HGMuller, Great! Thank you. Will you set-up a game for Amsterdam Medieval Chess? Rules and pieces (are here). I look forward to our game soon!happy.png

Brainking2016, Once we have the details figured out (deciding a piece to use less powerful than the Gryphone) I hope we start another game (right after we finish our first). BTW, is the Gryphone the same creature as a Griffin (just a spelling difference when translated from French to English)? Just make sure you have the spelling correct before you make real pieces and add it to a website!happy.png
JamesAgadir, It looks like you'll have a game of Capablanca Chess with EvertVB? But if that doesn't work out let me know and I hope we can play a game soon.happy.png

Hi everyone. I need someone to play Asymmetric FE chess in correspondence with me.

One of the games I planned to play was cancelled, so I have time for one more (Yeah!)
Is anyone interested in any of these:
1) Musketeer Chess with one strong piece and one guard. (brainking2016: the gryphon or cannon is OK for the strong piece. Is there an icon for these pieces yet?)
2) Bulldog Chess (original version)
3) Chess on an Infinite Plane (first game is going slowly. I have time for one more!)
Let me know and I'll start a new thread for a new game.happy.png

I have set up a page on the turn-based server for Amsterdam Medieval Chess now, at . I put two Jokers in each hand, so they can be used to promote Guards, when the need arises.

At the moment, merging a Guard with a Knight to Joker is a bigger problem, because the interface does not yet allow you to capture your own pieces. Swapping the Guard for a Joker from the hand is no problem, but you would somehow have to get rid of the Knight. Of course you can do that by capturing it with an opponent piece, and then move that back. But that is awful, so I will think up some better method.

Great! I didn't expect two replies so fast. I'll try adding both these games to my ongoing matches (but that's probably all I can add for right now)!
Brainking2016, Let's play the gryphon and the guard. I made a version of the guard compatible with the colors of the Musketeer board (below). So as soon as the gryphon is ready I'm able to play!happy.png
HGMuller, That is awesome! I went to ', and the board and pieces look excellent. I'm glad you are checking to see if there's a way to merge the guard and knight to form a joker (a maneuver invented by IvanKosintsev in the game of Waterloo). It is an interesting move, because it gives the player a new piece probably stronger than the originals combined (but at the cost of one move). Amsterdam Medieval chess also has two options for castling (normal and "double-castling") and it appears that will be no problem with how you move the pieces at nubati.
When you are done figuring out how to do the knight/joker merge, will you be able to play a game? Or did you just add it for other people visiting the website? Either way, I think the work you did is great, and I hope to play a game soon!happy.png
(BTW, Amsterdam medieval chess has some new strong pieces, but I think it's only about "halfway" to "Waterloo", which it tries to emulate but on a smaller scale). Thanks for your work. I'll be visiting nubati again soon!happy.png

OK, I now added merging pieces as a semi-standard feature to the JavaScript program that powers all these variants on my website. Meaning that normally it would not work, but that the HTMLpage defining the variant can optionally contain a function WeirdPromotion that can specify under which conditions a piece can capture a friendly piece, and how it will promote as a consequence. (This feature already existed, but was not invoked when you attempted to capture your own pieces, so this is what I changed now.) The WeirdPromotion function I supplied on the Amsterdam Medieval Chess page just tests if the entered move captures a Knight with a Guard,and in that case orders promotion to Joker (and rejection of all other 'friendly fire').

The numbers in the piece-legend table specify how many pieces of each type you have in hand; the page allows you to drag such pieces to the board, for dropping them on an empty square, or exchanging them with a friendly piece. I started both players with two Jokers, which they can use to upgrade a Guard whe the latter reaches 8 rank. (So just drag the Joker from the table on top of the Guard, after you moved the latter.)

I was not planning on playing any games myself; I have very little time for that.

Ok thanks, if anyone wants to play Amsterdam Medieval Chess let me know. We can play on the server HGMuller listed (link above). Sign-in and playing is all done on one page.happy.png
Also a reminder to all: IvanKosintsev has organized a "World Championship" game of Waterloo. The thread is here (announcement at post #339).
Amsterdam Medieval Chess is a lesser form of Waterloo. But there's no need to play this before entering the contest. Amsterdam is just an option if  interested in trying some of the new pieces and learning about Ivan's unique innovations. These include maneuvers such as "double-castling", "merging" guard and knight to form a joker, and the "third pawn" rule, which allows all pawns from the same army to move as king!
As far as I know, both these games are untouched by artificial intelligence (no chess engines play the games).happy.png

i am up for bulldog chess

till a week


I'll play a game of bulldog. Do you mean start in a week? That's OK for me.
There's 3 versions of Bulldog:
1) Classic
2) Legacy - has slightly weaker pieces, so game might last longer.
3) Bulldog with Angel - the angel is added. Protects friendly pieces from capture (an idea of evertVBs).
Let me know which one you prefer.happy.png

I would like to try the Builder once more, combined with any other pieces but not the Fool.

OK, great. I like the builder too. (I also finished a game with gyrados, and he wants to try the builder too for our next game).
Let me know if this starting position is OK.  I can update diagrams this time.
Musketeerchess might be happy we're using his board theme (but it doesn't have musketeer pieces). Let me know if it's OK.

the angel one

vickalan wrote:
OK, great. I like the builder too. (I also finished a game with gyrados, and he wants to try the builder too for our next game).
Let me know if this starting position is OK.  I can update diagrams this time.
Musketeerchess might be happy we're using his board theme (but it doesn't have musketeer pieces). Let me know if it's OK.

Great! Did you start a thread?