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The International World Chess Team (IWCT)

The International World Chess Team (IWCT)

Our World Founded: Jan 30, 2012
Members: 315
This is a group for everyone who lives in our world, it does not matter what flag you fly. If you live in our world, then you are able to join! Your rating does not matter. We will try to do many vote chess matches and team chess matches. We have team matches (new coming all the time so you can always join an open match) and vote chess you can always join. If you are rated above 1550, also consider joining a group called The Lords, which is a competitive group dedicated to becoming one of the best. Also, if you are above 1900, there is an even more competitive group called Time Keepers. Have fun! We have already Defeated TURK CHESS PLAYERS!!! And we are also part of the WORLD'S FINEST CHESS LEAGUE, and I encourage you to join them as well!


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    William Walter Wayne Wilkinsburg | 767 Suey Slew Swamp Street, Shreveport, United States

    Joined Club: Jun 14, 2012

  • Online Mar 17, 2014

    Tharin the first | middle earth, United States

    Joined Club: Feb 11, 2012

  • Online 6 hrs ago

    United States

    Joined Club: May 6, 2012

  • Online 16 days ago

    Ben | New York City, United States

    Joined Club: Apr 24, 2012

  • Online Mar 31, 2016

    Kyle Wlodarczyk | New York State, United States

    Joined Club: Jan 30, 2012

  • Online Aug 20, 2013

    Farbod Navidgeram | Gold Coast, Australia

    Joined Club: Mar 12, 2012

  • Online 1 day ago

    Angelos Vakalis | Athens, Greece

    Joined Club: Mar 7, 2012

  • Online Jul 6, 2017

    Albert S Tam | New York City, NY/San Jose, CA, United States

    Joined Club: Feb 8, 2012


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