Event Chess

Event Chess


Event chess is a chess variant invented by me (@Martin0). I made the variant around year 2010 and it has become a variant I constantly revisit with my friends between rounds in otb tournaments. It is based on each player starting one event/game that will change some sort of rule to the game. This means you will go from a normal game to a combination of 2 events (since each player starts one event each). There are over 100 events available, so the possible combinations of events are over 10000, which makes each game very different from each other. Starting an event can pretty much be seen as the same as to start playing a new chess variant in the middle of a game.


You start by playing a normal chess game. There are only 2 additional rules.

1. Each player may once/game start an event during his turn before making a move.

2. A player may not capture more than 2 pieces that are not pawns before starting an event (This is to make sure both players need to starting an event quite early).

When starting an event a random number generator will be used (random.org is used in the forums). Then as long as the event meet the requirements (such as there being at least 1 knight when a rule change for knights is made) that event will start. If the requirement is not met, then get a new number and try another event until an event that fits the requirements is found. Read the new rules for the new event and make sure that both players understand the new rules. After making sure both players understands the new rules the player that started the event finishes his turn by making a move on the board.

If a chess clock is used it should be stopped when a player announces that he wants to start an event. The clock will be started again once both players understand the rules. It is ok to stop the clock if you have any question regarding the rules later in the game.

Currently I am the only one with access to the rules for all the events, but I have posted a lot of them here. You can find them in the column to the right or at the end of this article. However, the players are not supposed to try to take into account all the possibilities when starting an event, but rather adapt to them when the event starts. You don't need to know any of the events to play this game and I recommend players to not look at a lot of them, so it can become a surprise during a game.

If you want to try this variant, then it can be played in the forums here at chess.com. Just find an opponent and I can set up the forum for you. I can also play if you want to play against me. There is a forum dedicated to finding opponents for chess variants here. I will be the judge for games played at the forums and I will start new events that has previously not been shown on this site. If you want to play with a friend otb, then you will have to be satisfied with only using the events I have revealed so far (which is above 50, so a respectable amount).

Strategy tip: The advantages a player have when starting an event is that it is that players move, so that player will be the first to react to the new rule changes. In general it is a good idea to develop pieces first and then start an event when you do not have a forcing move you need to play.

Lastly, I want to add that the events are a work in progress and all are not tested yet. Sometimes events get added, removed or changed and I constantly do this to improve the variants. I can not guarantee that all variants are good, but most of them have proved to be fun and interesting to me and my friends. Most games also tend to be decided by playing good rather than being lucky with the random event (although games being decided by luck has happened).


Events: (some missing that haven't been revealed yet)

Event #1 Check For Allies

Event #3 Save the king!

Event #5 Hidden passage

Event #6 Starvation

Event #7 Revival

Event #8 Move Forward!

Event #9 Pit Traps

Event #10 Fortress

Event #12 Active Pawns

Event #14 Chinese Checkers

Event #16 Spies

Event #20 Shadow Knight

Event #24 Roar!

Event #25 Peaceful Knights

Event #26 Returning Knights

Event #29 Directional Knights

Event #32 Mimicker

Event #33 Bouncing Bishops

Event #35 Hookshot

Event #36 Portals

Event #37 Queenbuilder

Event #38 Forward Rotations

Event #39 Bishop pair

Event #42 Tanks

Event #43 Line Pushers

Event #46 Sacrificial Catapult

Event #51 Monster Queen

Event #52 Hit and run

Event #54 Wicked Queen

Event #55 Faithful king

Event #56 Attractive Queen

Event #58 Princess

Event #59 Loyal Queen

Event #61 Rocket launcher

Event #62 King on horse

Event #63 Hide and Seek

Event #64 Soul Eater

Event #67 Emperor

Event #68 Prince

Event #70 Ice

Event #71 Slow Pieces

Event #73 Cooperation

Event #74 Army Movement

Event #75 Bloodthirst

Event #76 Minor piece transformations

Event #79 Promotions for everyone!

Event #82 Bigger Board

Event #86 No checks allowed

Event #88 Treasure hunt

Event #91 Variety

Event #92 Capture the flag

Event #93 Takebacks

Event #96 En Passant for all

Event #99 Double Trouble

Event #102 Running Kings

Event #104 Direction Limited Kings

Event #105 Direction Limited Queens

Event #106 Wall

Event #107 Big Wall

Event #109 Pawn Grabbers

Event #111 Generous Queens

Event #112 Heavy Rooks

Event #113 Double Weak Royalty

Event #116 Royal Queens

Event #121 Knight Support

Event #123 Forward Activity


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