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Please read my bio, join in my club and by my friend

Hello again! <3 This is some information about me:
1. I like all kinds of animals, but my favourite animals are cats. 🐈😺
2. My birthday is on 28.06.
3. I speak English and Romanian (fluent) and I also speak (partially) French.
4. I have many hobbies: art (especially drawing), gymnastics, soccer, cooking, visiting museums, listening to music, reading (I think I like reading the most out of all my hobbies)… I like also hiking in the mountains and traveling. And the game of chess, too. ; )
5. My real name is Ana (but you can call me Molly - that's what everyone calls me).
6. Please follow me. My blog name is MOLY-000's Blog. My most popular blog (viewed by over 1300 people!!(⊙o⊙)) is here.
7. I have over 250 friends (yes, I know, it's a bit much...) and 270+ followers.
8. My favorite books:
- The Warrior Cats (it's actually a series)
- School for Good and Evil (and this is a series too...)
9. I am currently in 59 clubs (most of the clubs are about cats)

Best friends (to be continued...) :
@Cats000 (my sister) - very motivating... She also supports me in my club Fans of Cats - International

@Anyka_Davayka - she's very nice and I think she gave me the most trophies (thanks a lot @Anyka_Davayka!)

@Natasha-bird - helped me with my club (invited a lot of people, advertised my club, and created a lot of announcements (besides being very online in my club) - thanks @Natasha-bird), it's a member was active, and we often chatted on messages

@Scemer10000 - he helped me create my club and make it successful (I don't know if it's a really successful club, but it's an amazing club for me) - thank you very much for everything @Scemer10000

@Kittyperson123 - she is a good friend

@tigerchess2022 - helps me create banners, logos and more (@tigerchess2022 is really good at art work)

Four clubs I recommend:
1. Fans of Cats - International -> We would love to have a kind, nice and brilliant chess player like YOU. We are not a perfect club, we never said we were. We would be happy if you could join us. We understand that you might be skeptical, thinking "that's what all the clubs say". However, our club has a genuine appreciation for each member, valuing them for who they are. We truly believe that everyone has something unique to offer and contribute to our incredible community. So click the join button, please!

2. Chess Cats Union Club -> it's a private club but I'm Super Admin in it so you can enter it without problems (you'll wait a bit for me to give you permission to enter this club); I also have one more request - after joining this club, join all the other clubs that are part of the Chess Cats Union
3. parakeet - 88 -> join this club to make it a better chess-bird community
4. Cat and Fox Fans-----------CAFF -> I like this club and I think you will love it too (:

And I know 15 things about you:

1. You are human

2. Read this

3. You gave me a +1 view

4. You can't say the word "cat" without parting your lips

6. You just tried to do it

7. You laugh at yourself

8. You have a smile on your face and you skipped number 5

9. You checked to see if there was a number 5

10. You laugh at yourself because everyone else fell for it

12. You are more than 0 years old

13. You are on right now

14. YoU WonDEr WhAt THe heLL IS WroNg WiTh ThE nUmBer FIftEEN

15. Now copy and paste this and see who else it falls too


               />  フ
               |  _ _| 
                ミ_xノ     Cats are the best!   

          /     |                                        
        /  ヽ   ノ                                       
        │  | | |
/ ̄|   | | |
( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)

Club banners:

Don't press

(99.9% of people checking out my profile wouldn't click on those words)


Bye for now! 🌸 :-)