Fans Of Cats - International

306 Members
May 18, 2023
49 Events Played

Hello people (and cats🐈)! Looking for a funny and cute club about cats? Congratulations!👍 You have reached the right place!🤗🤗🤗 We would love to have a kind, nice and brilliant chess player like YOU. ✨

Think you're not good enough at chess? Here you will become better (entering all the live tournaments, matches, solving the posted puzzles and much more)!

Do you want to socialize with other chess lovers (and cat lovers)? Here you will talk as much as you want with others!

Do you want to know more about cats? You are exactly where you need to be! 🤩

Fans of Cats - International will be your second home! You will love this club.

So all you have to do is press the magic join button and you will be in our club. happy.png

We understand that you might be a little skeptical, thinking "that's what all the clubs say". 😒 However, our club has a genuine appreciation for each member, valuing them for who they are. We truly believe that everyone has something unique to offer and contribute to our chess and cat community.

So join this club and you won't regret it! 💜💖