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agron arapi
ELBASAN, Albania
Mar 22, 2011
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9 hrs ago

   Hello everyone, I'm just an amateur chess player.I believe i am kind of too old to be a professional chess player.On the other hand i do sometimes play advanced games so don't feel bad if i am able to beat you.

   I am not the kind of player who would be aggresive against another fellow chess-player and i am against chat abuse so you can rest at ease and enjoy a great game with me.

    I've always loved playing chess since i was a kid and because i was trying to learn English i've studied a lot of game analysis which is how chess helped me with my english learning..I still haven't perfected my english but i perfected my chess game(joking!) so excuse my grammar mistakes...

   I am a football(soccerball) lover but i have to admit that chess has been a loving part of my life too...I feel lucky since i've loved more than once grin.png 

  I am a highschool mathematics teacher and i hope one day  i'll have the opportunity to contribute to society my chess skills and help youngsters see how lovely a game it is...I don't know what else to say...i believe i have already said enough...I hope you the best in the game and in life...
  See you in the game!!!

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