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FIDE Instructor and FIDE Arbiter. Born in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, active as a junior player with the Ulster Chess Union and Irish Chess Union in the late 1970s and early to mid 1980s. Played for a year or so at university (York), before stopping for a few years. Took it up again whilst working in Amsterdam, then became a regular player in England from 1997 for the Staines and for the Athenaeum chess clubs and in county chess for Middlesex. I now teach chess, including running the well-known and successful Richmond Junior Chess Club. We provided a successful online service in the period of "social distancing" caused by Covid-19, but have now returned to service "In Real Life". FIDE Id: 2501287 - highest FIDE rating to date: 2099 (standard), 2077 (rapid) ECF grading code: 186017D - highest ECF rating to date standard 2148, rapid 2088.