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FIDE Instructor. Born in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, active as a junior player with the Ulster Chess Union and Irish Chess Union in the late 1970s and early to mid 1980s. Played for a year or so at university (York), before stopping for a few years. Took it up again whilst working in Amsterdam, then became a regular player in England from 1997 for the Staines and for the Athenaeum chess clubs and in county chess for Middlesex. I now teach chess, and have been the manager of the well-known and highly regarded Richmond Junior Chess Club since 2015. I also founded the Fulham Junior Chess Club. I am also an ECF Arbiter and restarted the famous Richmond Rapidplays, which had long fallen into abeyance. We held the 127th in the series of Richmond Rapidplays shortly before the Covid lockdown and our innovation, the Richmond Blitz Blasts were also thriving. We provided a successful online service in the period of "social distancing" caused by Covid-19, but are now returning to service "In Real Life". FIDE Id: 2501287 - highest FIDE rating to date: 2099 (standard), 2077 (rapid) ECF grading code: 186017D - highest ECF grade to date standard 193 (2148), 185 (2088) rapid.