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Hello there! I'm seggura, an active chess player on and (I don't accept friendships in or Lichess, only people i know irl/No acepto solicitudes de amistad en o Lichess, solo gente que conozco en la vida real. (ME ESTÁN PETANDO A INVITACIONES-PARAD POR FAVOR)


TOP 5 Chess Creators (IMO)

GothamChess (IM Levy Rozman)

Rey Enigma (???)

Anna Cramling (WFM Anna Cramling)

the chess nerd (Zach Saine)

GMHikaru (GM Hikaru Nakamura)

My TOP 5 CHESS PLAYERS (Not by skill, just by influence)

GM Magnus Carlsen (Best in the world)

FM Faustino Oro (Brilliant ChessKid, he has a lot of future)

GM Hikaru Nakamura (Another brilliant guy and creator, i can see he's gonna be 2024 World Champion)

IM Levy Rozman (Also known as GothamChess, great content creator and teacher, i'm buying his book)

FM Mike Klein (Also known as FunMasterMike, bringing chess to kids and teaching them how to play everyday on ChessKid)