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Welcome everybody!  

I'm Grigoriants Sergey, International Grandmaster, a professional player, and coach. I am available for lessons and training games. Reasonable price and  discounts for active work.

More information about it can be found in the article:

I am working with players of very different level, from beginners to international masters.

In the lessons, we will solve chess problems and improve your tactical vision and calculation ability.  I will build your opening repertoire suitable for your level and style. Even if you meet an unfamiliar opening, I will teach you how to handle it.

We will precisely move by move, go through your games, correct your mistakes, and explain basic chess principles that will help you avoid such errors in the future.


I would like that you would enjoy the classes!

Here is a link to some feedback about my training sessions:

If you are interested in lessons, don't hesitate to message me, even if you are taking your first steps in chess!