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I am Sergey Grigoriants GM, a professional player, and coach.

I have been teaching chess for more than 15 years.

In the lessons, I will show you how to think and solve problems. Even if you have an unfamiliar opening, how to handle it.

We are solving together puzzles because tactically, you should be firm, not blunder anything.

Going through your games also, I think it's necessary, so I am correcting your mistakes.

I am a flexible coach. I would like that you would enjoy the classes and also give homework.

I wouldn't say I like to give long variations to memorize; I prefer to explain the concepts and plans in the arises middle games.

My lessons are different; it depends on the student's character and style. I am trying to show the essential materials to reach a new level.

Here is a link to some feedback about my training sessions:

I prefer to work with students for a more extended period, and I believe that the only way a coach can truly help students is for an extended period.

If you are interested in lessons, please write me a message.