Feedbacks from my coaching




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I have been taking lessons with GM Sergey Grigoriantis for about 6 months. I can say I have found my understanding of the game to have improved dramatically. I would recommend him with a 100% satisfaction. He will help you improve your play in many areas. When he goes over your games he helps you find ideas that you never considered in chess to improve strategy, game play and overall understanding. He has a deep understanding of opening theory and if you are interested in improving your knowledge he is an excellent coach!

Sergio is an excellent teacher and coach. He is very precise and methodical and makes you think about each move and it’s value. I learned to be more tactical and slow down when working with Sergio.

It goes without saying that Sergey is a tremendously knowledgeable player with a deep understanding of the game. But even more importantly, he is simply a great guy who cares about your progress and will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. He will help identify weaknesses in your game and explain important concepts with many examples from different games and puzzles.


I've been training with Sergey for about three months. Three months ago, my endgame technique was decent or kind of bad, but now I feel that my endgame technique has improved dramatically since then, and I have won many games by implementing concepts I learned from Sergey's lessons. Sergey also uses very logical reasoning when going over my games, making concepts easy to remember and learn.  Lastly but very importantly, he recognizes your weaknesses and helps you patch the weak spots in your game. 


Thank you very much for your feedbacks.

I am happy to share my experiences with all of you, and I am glad, that you are enjoying the chess lessons with me. Moreover, you are working well alone too, doing well the homeworks. happy.png


What can I say, Sergey has incredible deep chess knowledge and has been a great coach for a stronger amateur player like myself (96th percentile blitz and 99th percentile rapid). Sergey and I have mostly been working on high level calculation training on recognizing opponents resources, especially a few moves into variations, and I can say that my calculation abilities have definitely improved. Sergey also gives great comments on student games. I like that he also has much to say on the practical aspects of competitive chess. We make bad decisions very often, not for lack of understanding, but for other psychological reasons. Sergey has definitely diagnosed psychological weakness in my play that I am trying to improve, and I have confidence that with Sergey's help I shall improve them.

I'll end with a piece of evidence. I recently beat a titled player, a national master, for the first time in a blitz game. The training I have been doing with Sergey has been directly responsible for this.