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I am Life Master Theo Slade and I offer chess lessons online and in person. I am English, but I moved to Orlando, Florida in 2015 and have been living here ever since.

I was England's top scorer at the World U16 Olympiad in China as an U12 and I have been writing a monthly column for the British Chess Magazine since I was 12; I am the youngest ever writer for the world's oldest chess journal!

I have been coaching since 2015, but since I graduated high school in May 2019, I've been doing it full time.

My rates are:

Introductory 1-hour lesson: $50

1 hour: $70

3 hours: $195

6 hours: $350

When I get a new student, I always ask for their latest games so I can analyze them to find their strengths and weaknesses and so we can discuss them together. I always answer any questions my students may have because I feel that is the main benefit of having a live lesson; you cannot ask questions of a book, article, or prerecorded video.

After the lesson, I always send the materials through to my students so they can review them in the future.

You can check out my reviews here.

If you want to find more information about me, you can look at my website,