Standard chess Club

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Apr 2, 2023
19 Events Played

My chess club is a social, informational, instructional, or competitive meeting place where people come together through chess. My club can offer a wide variety of activities, including instruction, rated games, and recreational play.

This is a club that i have been hosting for about a year now. I'm starting to slowly grow the club to a bigger scale so everyone can enjoy the different things the club offers that is not like any other club you will ever see. This club welcomes anyone from any country from any skill level.

Here are some things that happen in the club:

-weekly(sometimes daily) arenas with custom twists

-custom made puzzles from any player in the club(including you)

-free lessons and game analysis(from our experienced players)

- free coaching by me @ProchessplayerJourney on British holidays

-Monthly shoutouts for top players

-custom roles(to the best of my ability)

-you can easily apply for roles or custom roles.

-daily news with riddles to solve.

-suggestion forum(suggestions will likely be approved)

-vote chess matches

And this isn't even everything, this is just part of it.

all new members get a shoutout the next day and welcomed kindly.

The bigger the club grows the more things that will happen

Here is the link to the club:

First 80 to join this club shall become a co-ordinator, admin or possibly even a super-admin.

Have a nice time here.