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Everyone is welcome to send me game requests, but:

No daily game requests!
No rated game requests!

Updating my profile...

Since September 2023, I started making aims for chess ratings on

Aim for November+December: (I made 2 months this time, because I have lots of maths competition stuff in November, and I will be on vacation in December. Expected to achieve half of them.)
Puzzle 2900
Bullet 1600
Blitz 1500
Rapid 1500
Daily 1500
Live 960 1200
Daily 960 1300
3 Check: Stop playing for 2 months, won't play in arenas. But I am very likely to accept if you send me game request. 
King of the Hill 1100
Crazyhouse 1100
Bughouse 1100 
Puzzle battle 1500

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Please send me friend request on! Also please tell me on if you had sent me friend request on, I will also send you a friend request, then we will be friends on!

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