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Hello! สวัสดีครับ! My name is Tanawat Phinit, and my nickname is Win. I'm a 14 years old kid from Thailand, and I started to play chess when I was 8  (More about me)

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    5 Fun Facts about Chess

1. The King can never move next to the opponent's queen unless the queen voluntarily move next to the King or capture something next to the King.

2. Knights can only fork 7 pieces at maximum not 8.

3. You can never fork a bishop pair with a King, Knight or a Pawn.

4. Rooks are the only pieces that are undefended at the starting position

5. . We called wr "Rook" because when the game got to Italy, they used the word "Rukh," which            derives from "Rocca," which means tower in Italian.