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im the guy who did the mate in 1 tournaments that go on for 1000+ rounds‎ 

adoptions (i've won 10 games in a row against) :

@AlphaZero_Weak_Level (10s)

@diegoxxl (10s)

@ukrainiandude (10s)

@mooseonalese (10s)

@DogecoinSTONKS (10s)

@barbashka (10s)

@Phantom_Beast23 (10s)

@Curtis2212 (10s)

@HyperNova_08 (10s)

@orpepushkar (10s)

@BumpAndRun (30s)

@RonacChess (10s)

@Rocco323 (10s)

@x-0034227928 (10s)

@MCH_JHOELchaves (10s)

@Nisoom (10s)

@imwakingup (30s)

@YesItz (10s)

@dthomasleblanc (3|2 Atomic)

@dogcurry3 (1|0)

almost adoptions: (kids who I beat 9 times, then declined the last game that would have decided adoption)

@jazzkriss (10s)

@alexandermatos (10s)

my chess personality is anaconda/magician/romantic. i love opposite side casting attacking positions!