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Hi! I'm xiaotonghuang9 and thanks for taking a look at this!


I love music! 😍

Violin happened to be my first instrument and my second instrument is definitely going to be the cello!

I started learning chess at the age of... 7 I believe? Right now, I am ______ years old. Hahaha, I have a mystery age! I love math and reading and writing and...uh... a buch of other stuff! Hahahehehahahehe! I love laughing. Duh. Another thing about me is that... I don't have premium on chess.com but I do on a different website so that's where I go for lessons and stuff! tongue.png I have always loved chess no matter what. Even if I lose. So if you beat me, don't say sorry! tongue.png grin.png 

I almost have 25 followers! About 280 views currently, and like 1,300 points!


I have a scooter and I ride it almost everyday... but I still like my violin better. And if your asking me why, my answer is: Just 'cuz. I posted some pictures here. I will choose one of those pictures to be my profile pic later! grin.png  

Music 101: What Is the Difference Between a Fiddle and a Violin? - 2020 -  MasterClass

Portfolios – Minzey Photography


Black-capped Chickadee Identification, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of  Ornithology

And I might add more. happy.png

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I am working on a blog called "Why Pawns Are The Best Things In The World!" so be on the look out! You never know when I might post it!

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📚I have a few books to recommend:

  • Matilda by: Roald Dahl

  • The BFG by: Roald Dahl 

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by: Roald Dahl 

  • The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo

This is one of my games on a different website: (I was black).

After I took their rook, they resigned. I felt bad for them. They were probably just a beginner.

I'm not excepting any friend requests unless I know you but sometimes I might accept the friend request. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe, maybe not.
My favorite chess opening for white is either The Danish Gambit or the King Pawn Opening: Wayward Queen attack. My favorite chess opening for black is The French Defense!
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I put that picture in here because I thought it was kinda funny! XD
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You are reading the something right now. I won't be posting blogs that often because school is too busy. sad.png  The good news is that I will try my best and post blogs when I'm not busy like on Sundays or Saturdays! Don't expect me to post at least a blog on Saturday and Sunday because I will still be pretty busy on those days so there's a sad.png and a happy.png.

And thanks for the extra follower whoever you are! (I have 18 friends and 20 followers now). And if you are one of the other followers, please comment right here! I really want to know who you are!