Carlsen "Deeply Disappointed" by FIDE

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  • on 5/6/13, 2:05 PM.

phpWXxbIZ.jpegMagnus Carlsen has responded to FIDE's decision to award the world chess championship match between himself and Vishy Anand to the city of Chennai without a bidding process.

Writing on his Facebook page, Carlsen said he was "deeply disappointed and surprised by the FIDE decision", but that, "My team and I will now start preparing for the match".

So thankfully, it seems likely that the match will now go ahead.  Vishy Anand will defend his title against Magnus Carlsen in the city where he grew up, Chennai (formerly Madras), from 6-26 November 2013.

Full statement from Magnus Carlsen

After qualifying for the World Championship match by winning the London Candidates I have been highly motivated for, and looking forward to the World Championship match against reigning champion V. Anand.

I’m deeply disappointed and surprised by the FIDE decision to sign a contract for the 2013 match without going through the bidding process outlined in the WC regulations, and for not choosing neutral ground. The bid from Paris clearly showed that it would be possible to have more options to choose from.

The lack of transparency, predictability and fairness is unfortunate for chess as a sport and for chess players.

My team and I will now start preparing for the match. The main thing now will be to come to an agreement with the Indian Chess Federation and FIDE regarding terms and conditions before and during the match. I really hope this process will run quick and smoothly.

Lastly, I will not let the news from Baku diminish the joy and excitement derived from playing the top level Norway Chess tournament starting tomorrow.

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  • 4 years ago



    You have no class. Go visit Ahmedabad, a city in India, and see how third-world it is NOT.

  • 4 years ago


    Chess is not like football that fans have a great impact on the game. I think India as a nice and great country will host the event with high quality. Don't forget that world champion is from this country and he also is a decent man. There is nothing to worry about. I'm counting the days to have the event underway. Good luck to both players and chess community.

  • 4 years ago

    davidmelbourne please delete offensive,ignorant comment posted by halfgreek below.

    I also thought magnus' comments ungracious; he could at least acknowledge Chennai and their commitment; not their fault they won the rights.

  • 4 years ago


    halfgreek1963: that is one of the most classless comments I've ever read anywhere. I don't post much here, but if these boards are monitored, I hope you're banned for a long while.

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  • 4 years ago


    Gentlemen... its non of Magnus business how FIDE awards the host... there are many Indian billionares who wanted to sponsor the match, so money is a factor. I am sure they will be hosted in a 5star hotel fully air-conditioned.

    I like Magnus but primadonna b*tch bahavior will turn off plenty of fans. I am sure his dad is behind this barrage, I hope Magnus tells the ole man to get a life and let him be, probably can't get laid without his dad's permission.

    "meet his requirements about playing conditions"... Bobby Fischer played in Belgrade in 1968 in an theatre heated by coal boilers, the room was so cold they had to borrow charcoal burners to put next to the table. It was -14c outside and the room was barely 10c... so quit the B*tching Magnus and prepare for the match. Its non of your business whose d*ck FIDE sucked to get the sponsorship... JEESUS

  • 4 years ago


    worrying about the preasure of environment that someone might have faced is i think not enough for a great chess players to be feared of. 

  • 4 years ago


    He needs to start drinking indian tea,,,Money Mouth

  • 4 years ago


    @rabalthorpan a canadian who follows the IPL?  wonders never cease!

  • 4 years ago


    it seems pretty obvious that FIDE have a gentleman's agreement with the relevant authorities in India that the match will be hosted by Chennai.  i can understand Carlsen's disappointment (he is probably cross that he will have to play in 40 degree celsius weather every day!) but i think squabbling over this would be a bad move.  i think Carlsen, after sending this statement, will simply knuckle down and start training for the task of beating the champ in his own backyard!

  • 4 years ago


    Maybe because Anand lives in Spain they thought India would be okay.

  • 4 years ago


    The comments that Anand played in Bulgaria are missing the point here today. The discussion is on FIDE and the poor management of the correct process. Leaving India and Norway out of it, it appears that FIDE can award the match to any country it likes. The players should be consulted, and if this is not included in the FIDE rules, then make it so. And it should be a reuirement for FIDE to put forward at least 3 options to choose from.

    This needs to be fixed. This is bad for the game, and all involved. FIDE should be held up as an example of an efficient, effective and a professional organising body. Any thing less is unacceptable.

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  • 4 years ago

    FM gauranga

    FIDE is highly corrupt. Carlsen is good enough to beat him anywhere though.

  • 4 years ago


    It is sad that Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is able to make decisions that are clearly outside the rules and regulations of FIDE. If he chooses to show that he is an ass by trying to be friends with Muammar al-Gaddaf, that's his choice. It's not good for chess, but it's not against the FIDE rules.
    To offer the WC match outside the rules of FIDE shows blatant disrespect for the very best chess players. One can only imagine how little he cares for all other chess players. So.. tell me again, why is he president of FIDE?

  • 4 years ago


    @ritul sure Anand went to Bulgaria to defend his title, but is that also fair? Carlsen has full right to complain, FIDE is a black box organization, who knows how their decisions are made. 

  • 4 years ago


    @alismayilov: The FIDE decision took place in Baku.

  • 4 years ago


    What news from Baku?

  • 4 years ago


    Go Carlsen,

    It is a shame that FIDE doesn't abide by their own regulations. The bidding process should clear all singn of corruption and mishandling in FIDE affairs, also shows a lack of respect not only for top level players but for all chess players.

  • 4 years ago


    Magnus brings up a legitimate point in a respectful manner. The marquis value is huge for this match, bids may have benefitted all parties.

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