Game 3, Carlsen-Anand, Drawn After 51 Moves - UPDATE: VIDEO

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  • on 11/12/13, 6:24 AM.

The third game of the World Championship match in Chennai between Magnus Carlsen, playing the white pieces, and Viswanathan Anand ended in a draw after 51 moves. With Garry Kasparov among the spectators, Carlsen was under pressure but just before the time control he escaped. The score is 1.5-1.5, with 9 more games to go.

With an exciting game that went on beyond the first time control, the World Championship match in Chennai has finally started for real. Again, the defending champion didn't have problems out of the opening and even got a better position when he could push his opponent's queen to the corner.


Carlsen played the same as in his first white game, and with 3.c4 he made it a proper Réti Opening. However, the 22-year-old Norwegian didn't manage to get an advantage. On the contrary: at some point Black had more space, and the bishop pair.

Later on, Anand could win a pawn, but he felt that the compensation for his opponent would be sufficient. Just before the time control, when his queen got back into play, Carlsen could equalize the position. He even declined a draw offer on move 40, even though the game was a dead draw by then.

"I made a couple of misjudgements in the middlegame. My position was worse and I probably made it even worse. (...) I'm happy to survive. (...) It looked scary."

Carlsen: "It looked scary."

Carlsen also revealed that he wasn't one hundred percent relaxed during the game, and he felt his opponent wasn't either. "I think it was good to get the match going a little bit. I guess both of us were a bit nervous today. (...) There was some tension, both on the board and some nerves as well. But really that's what it's all about."

Despite having the two bishops, Anand didn't feel his advantage was big. "White's control of the a-file generates enough counterplay."

One of the spectators in the playing hall during the third game was the 13th World Champion, who arrived in Chennai on Monday night. According to this report he was "ignored" by the organizers. However, at the start of the round Garry Kasparov was sitting next to and chatting with FIDE Vice President and chief organizer D.V. Sunar, so perhaps the relations weren't so bad after all.

However, during the game it became clear that Kasparov had not been given access to the press room (from where he could have given a press release), and he wasn't welcome to join the commentators either. Perhaps the latter would have been a bit too much, since Kasparov is a clear supporter of Carlsen, but it's clear that all 150 journalists present would have loved have a press conference. But FIDE didn't like the idea.

During the press conference, the journalists were trying hard to provoke a statement from the players about Kasparov's visit, but they didn't really succeed. Carlsen said: "I haven't seen him here yet I think it's good that one of the legends of the game is here to watch the match. It gives an extra dimension in a way."

A Norwegian journalist asked Anand what he thought about Kasparov being "in the building" (no doubt referring to last year's statements by Kasparov about Anand). The Indian replied: "Like Elvis? Well, it's good that he's here to watch."

Anand: "Like Elvis?"

"Are you sure?" the journalist asked. "Sure." When Carlsen was getting the question again, he said: "I don't want to get into politics. I think he deserves to be treated with respect, regardless that he is opposing Kirsan [Ilyumzhinov] as a Presidential Candidate."

About his stay in India so far, Carlsen was very positive. "I think it's been better than expected. I'm being treated so well and I am very grateful for that. Whatever happens in the match, that's not going to be an issue."

Chess fans enjoying the giant chess set in the hotel lobby
The handshake before the third game
Again about 20 photographers were fighting to get a good position...
...but the policemen also found the time to watch the game

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  • 2 years ago


    Grandest, if it's so easy to draw world-class players, go do it yourself. Random chess has never been used for serious competitions and hopefully never will be. 

  • 2 years ago



  • 2 years ago



    lol what downfall?

  • 2 years ago


    A much more exciting game but I still think chess is played out...With most openings analysed out to 20-30 moves,endings discected to several places  and chess machines given the task of adjournment move-crunching modern match chess is more a test of memory and technical resources rather than skill...The two best players in the world going for the title should prove it, not limp along...Perhaps if Random Chess (960)was used for title matches it would sort things out? With modern opening theory basically useless it would place both players in the position of having to show their true abilities...As it stands things are looking grim for chess..but what will we obsess about next?....Hmmmmm...

  • 2 years ago


    I can beat both at same time.

  • 2 years ago


    TheMotherLode.. just chill.. except you, no one having problem.. media increasng day by day, jounalist increasing.. Its v.common... everyone enjoying game, and magnus getting special treatment daily.. so dont worry, worry about yourself poor man... :)

  • 2 years ago


    anand will win the title

  • 2 years ago


    Excellent game though it did not produce a winner. Hope the games get better and better untill we see the best of both players-Srivara HG,Bangalore

  • 2 years ago


    "Again without thinking," and "Without thinking," seem completely wrong.  Maybe not on that turn, but I saw it as the players saw these moves coming and already had a response ready for them and took just enough time to make sure it was the move they planned for.

  • 2 years ago


    This is a real draw. Excellent game by Anand putting some pressure on magnus even though i am cheering for the norwegian

  • 2 years ago


    If Carlsen were a military officer, what would he say to to his troops?

    RETREAT !!!  haha

  • 2 years ago


    Excellent game though at the end did not produce a winner. Hope the games get better and better untill we see best of both the players.

  • 2 years ago


    Yes this was a better game, but consider the fact that Carlsen hasn't yet even achieved an advantage in a game as white. That shows that he's playing unambitiously.

    The only way he'll win is if he starts playing his real game instead of this "try not to lose" game. Because his stamina over long games is his trump card. If they draw all regular games and the championship is decided by blitz games, he's essentially thrown away his trump card.

    Not to mention that the chess world suffers if "the most highly anticipated world championship match of the modern era" and "the most watched chess tournament, ever" continues with draws.

    There needs to be a change in format for the next WCC. Options:

    -Play the tiebreaker blitz games first so that someone always has an edge going into the regular games

    -Increase the game count to 16 or 18 so that a loss early on isn't so near the end of the match

    -Make the match scored something like "the first player to win 4 decisive games" or the like. This guarantees some number of decisive games, and also that there is no incentive to draw forever as there is now

  • 2 years ago


    this is a great game

  • 2 years ago



    i agree with you, boby will not have chances against karpov at that time

  • 2 years ago


    @DomJBrown "Anybody else think this setting completely lacks gravitas?"

    Yep. Looks cheap and narrow, as if they're playing in a hallway. Pretty disappointing.

  • 2 years ago


    I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Game Live!

    My 6 year old son and his classmate were very nearly thrown out after all their discussion about Bxb2 not being played. It was electric in the arena, tension all the way through. We will probably go through the variations tomorrow morning on that one. 

    Can't wait for Game 4 tomorrow!

  • 2 years ago


    Anybody else think this setting completely lacks gravitas? I mean this is the pinnacle of chess and all we can see is a press scrum and a poorly designed sponsorship board. Organisers have really presented us with a dreaful setting.

  • 2 years ago


    After move 40, it was an obvious draw but Carlsen didnt accept the offer. Typical arrogance of Carlsen which will eventually lead to his defeat. Go Anand !!!

  • 2 years ago

    NM linlaoda

    "played without thinking" was a comment for several moves during the game.


    Look, just because he makes a move very quickly doesn't mean he made a move without thinking. I'm sure a move that he made within 1 second is still a very strong move - don't be mad cuz he's thinking so fast.


    The annotations need to be improved, a bit. More on the improvements and less on personal judgments.

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