[UPDATED] 10 Minute Chess Now Rapid Rated, Bullet Ratings Increased

[UPDATED] 10 Minute Chess Now Rapid Rated, Bullet Ratings Increased

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Today, made two significant changes to our rating system. First, all 10-minute games (10|0) are now rapid rated instead of blitz rated. Second, all bullet chess ratings have been increased by 150 points.

10-Minute Chess Now Rapid Rated

Did you know that 10|0 (10 minutes with no increment) is the most popular time control on all of In fact, more than 1.25 million 10|0 games are played on every day! Many experienced blitz chess players are stunned by this fact, but for beginning and intermediate players, 10|0 is often just the right speed for a pleasant game.

Despite the time control's popularity, 10|0 "feels" far slower than the time controls typically preferred by blitz chess specialists such as 3|0, 3|2, and 5|0. Therefore, is moving 10|0 into the category of rapid chess.

As part of this change, rapid ratings will be recalculated for those who have played a 10|0 game in the past 90 days. If your blitz rating is higher than your current rapid rating, your rapid rating will be set to your current blitz rating. If not, the rapid rating will not be changed.

This change will move a great deal of activity into the rapid pool. Previously, rapid games counted for less than 10 percent of games on, but with the addition of 10|0, rapid chess is anticipated to increase to around 35 percent of total games played. This increase will ensure that our rapid ratings are more accurate for chess players of all skill levels in the future.

Members who wish to play slow blitz-chess rated games are encouraged to consider the also popular 5|5 time control as an alternative to 10|0.

Bullet Chess Ratings Increased By 150 Points

In a recent review, we found that bullet chess ratings are consistently about 150 points lower than blitz ratings. To correct this, we are increasing bullet chess ratings for all active bullet users on the site by 150 points. This change will take place on the next login to

We compared players who were recently active in both blitz and bullet categories (having played both time controls in July-September with RD's < 150) and found a median difference of 154 points. This chart shows the difference between Blitz and Bullet ratings. You can see the distribution of rating differences. We understand that this difference doesn't apply to everyone, but that is where the data is centered, and in order to preserve the integrity of the ratings system, we had to add he same amount to everyone. 

*NOTE: If you don't see these update yet, be patient. It should process for you in the next day or two.

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