16th Unive Chess Tournament

16th Unive Chess Tournament

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Hikaru Nakamura London Grand Prix 2012 by Ray Morris-Hill 2.jpgThe 16th Unive Tournament will take place from 19 - 27 October in Hoogeveen, Netherlands.

The main event is the Crown Group, a 4-player double round robin featuring reigning US Champion Hikaru Nakamura (pictured), the #2 ranked junior Anish Giri, the women's world champion Hou Yifan, and the experienced campaigner Sergei Tiviakov.

There is also a strong 9-round Swiss Open (won last year by Sergei Tivakov) and two amateur events.

Hikaru Nakamura and Anish Giri will both be hoping for a strong result in Hoogeveen after sharing last place in the 2012 London Grand Prix

All rounds start at 14:00 local time (12:00 UTC), and the official website (in Dutch) will provide live coverage of the games at this page.

The tournament schedule

Date  Crown Group Swiss Open 
19-Oct-12 1st round 
20-Oct-12 2nd round 
21-Oct-12 1st round  3rd round 
22-Oct-12 2nd round  4th round 
23-Oct-12 3rd round  5th round 
24-Oct-12 Rest day 6th round 
25-Oct-12 4th round  7th round 
26-Oct-12 5th round  8th round 
27-Oct-12 6th round  9th round 

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